Cam Newton

SEC (Southeastern Chickens) Renounce Roosting in Autzen


May rabies ravage the Dawgs and anthrax annihilate the Aggies! It’s not as if Oregon‘s Athletic Directors haven’t made a valiant effort. The Ducks once had home engagements scheduled with the Georgia Bull Dogs and the Texas A&M Aggies, only...

Chip Kelly Update: Not That Good Yet


Philadelphia lost on the road to the Carolina Panthers Sunday. That shouldn’t be such a huge shock. Carolina is undefeated after seven games, with an excellent defense featuring two of the league’s best linebackers (Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis) and...

The Post-Heisman Slump


The dust has all but settled from the Ducks’ historic 2014-15 season featuring a trip to the inaugural College Football Playoff, a Rose Bowl victory, and the first Heisman trophy winner in school history. It is time to look ahead...

What Could’ve, Should’ve Been: A Look Back at the 2010 BCS Championship


With Oregon on the verge of what could be the greatest season in the history of the program, I’d like to take you back to the biggest game that the Ducks have ever played in. Let’s go back to that...

Oregon’s Title Chances of the 21st Century


With another National Championship at stake, the 2014 Ducks are attempting to accomplish something that no team before them in program history has done successfully. Under the new College Football Playoff system, the Ducks are one semifinal win away from...

Keys to a Rose Bowl Victory


Sam Finley and Don Smalley square off on the Rose Bowl. Can the Ducks handle the Badgers the way they handled the Cardinals, or will the Badgers slow down the Ducks and force Thomas to throw those risky passes into coverage?

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