Can Cannabis Help Leukemia? What Research Says.


What is Leukemia and Can Cannabis Help? Leukemia is cancer of the bone marrow and/or lymphatic tissue–this is where the body produces blood. There are the many different types of leukemia and each type affects the blood in different ways. Cannabis can help some patients fight this disease. Here’s how: Does Cannabis Cure Leukemia? There’s no denying that some people have experienced miraculous results using cannabis to treat leukemia. However, it’s important to remember, there are plenty of cannabis patients who never go into remission. Cannabis is not a magical cure-all for everyone. Seek guidance from an experienced oncologist and
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His Story Just Needs To Be Told.

Benefit Concert

Just when you think your life is rough you see someone else who makes your life seem easy by comparison. I want to tell Monte Muirhead's story because it contains tenacity, courage and a man who could use your help. I'll explain.

Boy Donates Hair to Cancer Patients


EUGENE, Ore. — A Eugene boy is proving you’re never too young to make a difference. Eight-year-old Brogan Leppo just donated his hair to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program. He started growing it out 18 months ago after watching videos of cancer survivors who had been helped by the hair donation program. So on Monday, after … Continue reading »

OHSU Massive Donor Revealed


PORTLAND, Ore. — The Columbia Sportswear founder revealed her soft side. Gert Boyle confirmed she was the anonymous donor who gave $100 million to the Oregon Health and Science University for cancer research. Boyle says she slipped the OHSU leader a note in June about the donation. “Then he called Phil, and I talked to … Continue reading »

Relay for Life Wraps Up


EUGENE, Ore. — Thousands of local residents are fighting back against cancer this weekend as part of the Relay for Life. Organizers say there were about 5,000 participants this year at the 22nd Relay for Life in Eugene. The 24-hour event started Friday afternoon and wrapped up Saturday. People walking around the track at Willamette High … Continue reading »

All “It” Was Supposed To Do Was Defoliate The Trees.


A series of Town Hall Meetings are being held around the country to educate Vietnam veterans concerning claims that they have developed various ailments and diseases due to their exposure to Agent Orange. One of those meetings was held last week in Lebanon, Oregon and I have the details that concern particularly the Vietnam veterans and their families.

Behind the Scenes: What’s Love Got To Do With V-day


Valentine's Day is supposed to be about love but anymore it seems to be more about selling flowers, chocolates and Hallmark cards than it is about love. I'm all for a romantic evening, but for love to last it takes more than cute underwear to keep it going.

Behind the Scenes of RDTV Survivors


When January rolls around something in my soul becomes uneasy. I never used to get that way but January of 2010 changed my January’s forever. That is the year doctors discovered my Prostate Cancer. A few months later I added a new label to my resume “Cancer Survivor.”

Livestrong Texas 4,000 Bike Ride Passes Through Eugene


More than 4,000 miles--that's how far a group of young bikers will trek this summer.
This group isn't on this massive bike ride purely for fun, though.
Forty-two people in their early 20s set out from Austin, Texa...

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