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Casey Matthews

Ducks in the NFL: Minnesota Linebacker Casey Matthews Sidelined Before Season Begins

As NFL Training Camp beings over the next few days, one former Oregon Duck will be watching the upcoming season on the sidelines with his new team. Former player Casey Matthews injured his hip during offseason training and will miss the entire season, … Continue reading

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Casey Matthews and the Road to Redemption

Time heals all wounds. That and good coaching. Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie’s decision to hire Chip Kelly as his team’s head coach was a blessing for linebacker Casey Matthews, one of Kelly’s former Oregon players who had struggled in…

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Chip Kelly Update: Quarterback Resistant

The Philadelphia Eagles won again, beating Houston 31-21, and have the second best record in the NFL at 6-2.  They also lost three more key starters to injury and continue to play poorly in… Continue reading

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Chip Kelly Update: Here Goes Nothin’

The Philadelphia Eagles finalized their roster this week, polished their trickiest schemes in closed practices and got ready for the season to actually begin. The Eagles are 10.5 point favorites at home against the Jacksonville Jaguars, led by quarterback Chad Henne. Older fans will remember Chip Kelly’s second game as Oregon’s offensive coordinator in 2007 when the Ducks crushed the …

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The Eight Types of Oregon Duck Videos on YouTube

With the conclusion of the college football season, and National Signing Day just a week and a half away, fans of all kinds have turned their attention to YouTube.  Whether it’s watching recruiting videos, catching old games, or reliving the highlights; with no “original content”, so to speak, being produced on the field, video remains the best way for fans to get …

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Chip Kelly Update: A Defensive Mastermind

from Video Chip Kelly seems to spend half his life fighting shallow stereotypes about his teams.  He’s a passing demon!  No, wait — he’s obsessed with running.  Well, he demands running quarterbacks, right?  In any case, he has a huge book of tricky plays.  Or is it a small book of flexible plays?  They all come fast . . . … Continue reading

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