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Korean Egg Muffins


Occasionally you need a portable breakfast, something to grab as you run out the door or maybe you just like to meal prep all your meals, these Korean egg muffins fit into both categories. There are a lot of baked egg cup type recipes out […]

Steamed Brown Bread


Steamed bread is a bit of an unusual thing, chewy texture, moist and in the case of this brown bread rich with molasses flavor. I really like molasses so I tend to keep blackstrap molasses on hand, but that can be a bit strong for […]

One Pot Bean Dinner


This one pot bean dinner is like chili without the chili, meat and beans are the main ingredients with a few other things added for a rich smoky flavor. Maybe you could call it BBQ beans, but it’s not so dark and vinegary, it’s smoky […]

Miso Marinated Soft Boiled Eggs


I always see pictures of marinated soft boiled eggs toping bowls of ramen, I don’t see them presented as just a side dish or snack which is how I like them, it’s like the deviled egg of Japan. Soft boiled eggs are peeled and marinated […]



I was really proud of myself when I first officially cooked on Bounty, not just cooking one meal, not filling in for a few days, but really cooking for a length of time. We were in Maine and I was really glad to move into […]

Cyclops Toast


It doesn’t matter what you call it, egg in a hole, chicken on a raft, egg in a basket, Johnny one eye or as I prefer Cyclops toast it’s all the same, a slice of bread with the center cut out and an egg cracked […]

Apple and Cheese Galette with Cumin Seeds


Cumin and cheese is a great combination, there is even a gouda that comes with toasted cumin seeds in it, one of my favorites. Cheese and apples go great together too, they pair nicely in a pie, so why not let all three of them […]

Chipotle Crème for Fish Tacos


I have strong feelings about tacos Corn tortillas over flour No rice or beans Be simple, 3 fillings maximum When I set up my buffet line I try to set it up in a manor that people won’t be tempted to put side dishes into […]

Cauliflower Risotto


Winter has arrived once more and its time to dial back my elaborate boat cooking and focus on healthier dishes for myself and the husband. We have a lot of go to things we make that are flexible on their flavors so we don’t get […]

Harissa Salmon


Over the past 4 years I’ve made a ton of salmon, not just Friday night salmon dinner sails, but plenty of private charters select salmon off my catering menu. The first year I ate salmon with enthusiasm, after that I only ate some here or […]

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