Sweetheart tarts: Express love with a home-cooked meal


Before I get to the sweet treats of Valentine’s Day, let’s consider its savory side. As in gooey mounds of cheese, golden caramelized onions, and smokey bacon, cloaked in creamy custard. That’s right, quiche. Or, in honor of today’s theme, a Sweetheart...

Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies and Cookie Milk Cocktail


52 weeks of baking – Drink Pairings Most of the time when I make myself a cocktail I just mix up whatever I have on hand, more often than not it turns out a bit odd. I fiddle with it to try and fix it, […]

Euphoria Chocolate Gets New Owners


EUGENE, Ore. – The owners and founders of the Euphoria Chocolate Company announced they sold their company Friday. Owners Bob Bury and Sue Subbot founded the Euphoria Chocolate Company in 1980, and have now sold the company to Van and Bonnie Glass. “It’s a hard decision to make this change, but the time was right … Continue reading »

Adventures in Homebrew: Rye IPA & Dark, Hoppy Rye Ale


Adventures in Homebrew: Rye IPA & Dark, Hoppy Rye Ale I have been swamped at work lately and, as a result, the ol’ blog has been feeling a might neglected. You’ll have to trust me that this is the lesser of two evils though. And though most of my waking hours have been spent slashing through decade-old C Basic code, I have been able to

Review: The Harbor Light Family Restaurant


You know what its like, you've gone out to the coast, your activity has kept you from eating for 6 or 7 hours. You are now hungry, tired, and on your way home. The perfect setup to make a really bad choice, or drive home still hungry.

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