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St. Paul Catholic Church Choir Performing At The Grotto In Portland

Revisiting My Feelings On What I Expect For Christmas.

Christmas is here once more. Last minute shopping for the “perfect” presents for people can be a frustrating goal. Even more frustrating is expecting particular presents that you don’t receive. I resolved that problem many years ago assuring my personal satisfaction every Christmas. What is my answer? I’ll explain.

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Christmas, Hernias and Bowl Games

Mike Merrell’s Three-and-Out With the changes at, the Three-and-Out hasn’t gone away. It’s just been laid up with Christmas, a hernia and bowl games. And that’s the subject of this week’s Three-and-Out. 1. Christmas. On my last trip to…

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Growing up Italian: My Little Christmas Story

I am a September baby. That means that, by the time my first Christmas rolled around, I was barely 3 months old. Clearly, I don’t remember a thing. Fortunately, my Dad was wise enough to take pictures.

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Image by Sam Howzit

The Frugal Wine Gal: Holiday Wine Guide

The holidays are one of the most exciting times of the year. Whether you like a nice glass of bubbles or a crisp rosé, there are wines that can fit any occasion. Cheers to an amazing holiday season!

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Day One – January Bookings for the Lane County Jail

The 12 Days of Mugshots: A 12 month bookings retrospective jammed into 12 days.

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St. Paul Catholic Church Choir 2013 | Photo by Parishioner Paul

All I Want For Christmas Is….

What do you want for Christmas? A special present you have always dreamed about would be good, right? My wish is much simpler. All I want for Christmas is to sing in my church choir. You might wonder why, so here is the answer.

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Behind The Scenes – The Strangest Reindeer

We’ve been producing Rick Dancer TV for two years this January and it’s a lot of fun and I get messages from viewers who love it. But this next week we are taking a huge risk. We’re going out on a limb with a show that goes beyond promotion and storytelling and inches its way into the very core of my being.

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