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Climate Change

Global warming drives global warning

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Bill Ripple, a distinguished professor of ecology at Oregon State University, has spent a large part of his career studying the interplay between predators, prey and plant life in and around Yellowstone National Park.

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Understanding GMOs: Genetic Engineering and the Future of Coffee

Coffea arabica is a fastidious shrub. With the exacting terroir, heritage and willing producer to invest the time and energy into cultivating this delicate commodity, it will produce generous rewards….

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Solar Activity August 1991-September 2001 | Image by

What If We’re Looking At It Incorrectly?

A new theory has been presented that flies in the face of the climate change theory. I’ll explain the theory and those who oppose it. You be the judge.

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Marchers Push for Climate Change Action

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene was just one city participating in a worldwide call to action, pushing to combat climate change. Hundreds of people packed into the Free Speech Plaza Sunday to raise awareness about climate change. “We need to work to stabilize the climate to a level that we can mitigate some of the worst … Continue reading »

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Weather or Not: It Just Doesn’t Matter

If you are trying to blame all of the Earth’s weather problems on just one thing your logic may be flawed, but honestly, it just doesn’t matter.

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I'll have a venti heff carbonata with a twist.

January 24 – Morning Headlines

Tim Chuey: lots of rain, boy vs car, apartment fire, Starbucks beer, Activist vs Officer, Occupy plays Ninja – pirates next?, gas prices up, no nurses strike, climate lawsuit

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EDN Talks to Local Filmmaker Bringing His “Deep Green” Message to Eugene

Director Matt Briggs, a graduate of the University of Oregon, brings his sustainability documentary to Eugene next week. EDN sits down with him.

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