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The Seven Best Bourbon, Whiskey, and Rye for Boulevardiers, Ranked

Negronis hold a special place in the hearts of many drinks professionals. Boulevardiers, their dark-featured cousins, are making inroads as Americans’ love affair with whiskeys continues to grow. (“American Whiskey is on Fire” declared in 2017, heralding the $3.1 billion sales of brown spirits the year prior.) As with Negronis, the Boulevardier rubric features […]

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How to Make a Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Pineapple & Sriracha Margarita Cocktail

Are you a die-hard fan to the Rooster Sauce that Bon Appétit’s once named their, “Ingredient of the Year”? I love cocktails with a bit of spice in them, they really have a lot of flavor and as you may know I am a hot sauce addict. I could e…

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Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies and Cookie Milk Cocktail

52 weeks of baking – Drink Pairings Most of the time when I make myself a cocktail I just mix up whatever I have on hand, more often than not it turns out a bit odd. I fiddle with it to try and fix it, […]

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Hoax or not, Carlos Castaneda persists in popularity after 40 yrs.

May 9 – Evening Update

Tim Chuey: more…rain, EWEB plans outage tomorrow, Springfield restaurant donation, suicide kit sales blocked, service animal legislation, Train station cash, age discrimination increases botox use, Castaneda anniversary, high speed rail…

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