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10 Reasons I Love Cold Brew Coffee

The first time I had cold brew coffee, I didn’t like it at all. I used a Toddy with coffee that was ground too fine and I didn’t know I was making a concentrate, so the coffee was much…

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Can Pregnant and Nursing Mothers Drink Coffee?

One moment you’re jumping for joy at the thought of welcoming a new life into the world, and the next, you’ve hit a wall – a little something called caffeine withdrawal. As any…

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What Coffee Are You? Your Preference Says a Lot About You

Do you like a foamy dainty cup of the steaming delight, or can’t say no to a tall hot mug of black coffee in the morning? Even scientists agree, your choice of beverage says a lot about your…

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Understanding the ‘Cafe Worker Species’ in the Third Place

It’s a scene with which many cafe-goers are too familiar: The coffee shop packed with glazed-over faces behind the bluish glow of laptop screens, with fingers clacking away at keyboards…

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Barista Accessories for the Non-Barista, Part 1

Though it may seem like an oxymoron to some, not everyone who works on coffee equipment drinks or even likes coffee. This can leave some technicians in the dark when…

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Clever Coffee Dripper Review

The Clever Coffee Dripper has gotten a lot of buzz. The claim is that it offers the best of Drip and French Press, without the drawbacks of either.

Clever Coffee Dripper – Insert Coffee…

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The Extraction is Covered in Yum-Making Koji Spores

Interested in kopi, but not so much the luwak? Try koji-fermented coffee. The beans are fermented by the same bacteria used to make soy source, rather than a civet’s stomach…

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Roasting for America’s Hospitality Industry: Weighing the Challenges, Risks and Potential Rewards

(Editor’s note: This article written by Lon LaFlamme originally appeared in the January/February 2017 issue of Roast magazine.) If you’re an established retail or wholesale roaster, you may be wondering if…

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A Case Of Two Coffeelands And An Unexpected Conclusion

Although the Mesoamerican coffeelands (Central America and Southern Mexico) are a relatively compact geographical region, they contain a diversity of coffee production systems — agroecologically and organizationally. Among programs in…

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The Extraction Contains at Least 51 Percent of The Extraction

Dubai-based Yemeni specialty coffee exporter Sabcomeed hired British ad agency Jump to create a short promotional film highlighting the passion, quality, challenges and traditions of coffee in Yemen. It also delivers…

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