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A Coffee Lover’s Guide to Tea

I never had much respect for tea. I enjoyed the beverage, but it didn’t hold my interest like coffee. That all changed in September 2007. I went to a tea shop in Seattle and tried several teas….

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The Extraction Is Betting On The Billion-Dollar Underdog

Roasters around the world that cherish bringing out the complex, vibrant and nuanced range of flavors offered by Kenyan coffees might want to let Kenyan politician Moses Kuria know. Hivisasa…

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The Coffee Siphon – The Simple Tutorial

A few months ago I received a wonderful gift. A coffee siphon. The coffee siphon may appear intimidating at first glance, however, it is really easy to brew excellent coffee with it. There are more…

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Jones Coffee Roasters Founder on 25 Years of Success: ‘You Can’t Be Everything to Everyone’

The 1990s and early 2000s saw the rise of independent coffeehouses and roasters in the United States, running parallel to the growth of chain coffee shops such as Starbucks and…

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The Extraction May or May Not Run For President

Farmers in El Salvador are increasingly turning to specialty coffee, Reuters reported this week, despite the memory of the 2012 leaf rust outbreak and the persistent risk that the disease…

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The Lazy Person’s Guide to Making Coffee at Home

I have a friend that loves coffee but doesn’t make it at home. Well, I have several friends that fit that description. They spend a lot of money in coffee shops. For them, making coffee is too…

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In Melbourne, Drink Your Vegetables with the Broccoli Latte

Following the trend of putting powders such as turmeric or matcha in lattes to amp up perceived health benefits, a cafe in Australia recently experimented with a broccoli latte. Granted,…

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Can Smallholder Coffee Farming be Sustainable? German Vineyards Might Have Some Answers

Some people working in the coffee sector have a funny habit. We talk and think about coffee farmers as a monolithic group: How do changing prices affect “farmers?” Will “farmers”…

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The Extraction is Making Hario V60 Cold Brews

While editorializing in Global Farmer Network to lament the absurdity of California’s recent Prop 65 coffee labeling decision, Brazilian coffee farmer Luiz Roberto Saldanha Rodrigues pointed out the troubling ripple…

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