Concrete Loveseat

Saturday Night on the Town


Saturday night and where's the party? I'm looking for a more subdued atmosphere myself tonight, but don't worry if you want something with more punch. There's plenty of variety for everyone to sample. In fact, there's a smorgasbord served up in town tonight so let's get going.

Saturday Night on the Town


If you ended up staying home last night...TOO BAD for you!  There was some pretty incredible music last night to check out.  Fortunately my shopping spree went over well in that I found some nice cashmere to keep me warm; am still on the prowl for some comfy boots.  But alas, what is a girl to do? I think today is the day to head out and pick out my pumpkin day... gotta take advantage of the dry weather!

Night on the Town


FRIDAY Night on the Town Break out the sunglasses and the tank tops!  It’s looking like summer, while extremely tardy, has finally arrived!  Thank goodness! Last Saturday I wrote about seeing Portland’s Tony Furtado in Cottage Grove.  I was all psyched to see him actually given the caliber of this talented musician.  Fortunately for Tony,

“No Sunshine? Bring on the Wine!”


Rain or shine, we knew our local wineries were anticipating the arrival of wine lovers from here and a far, so with high hopes of the sun popping through the clouds at some point during the three day weekend, we were ready to experience all that our local wineries had to offer.

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