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Surviving River Guide School: Part 2


It is 8 o’clock in the morning and I am standing outside the River House, dressed in full river-guide regalia — base layer of Under Armor, fleece, wetsuit, dry top, wool socks and river shoes — I feel amphibian.

Surviving River Guide School: Part 1


Eugene is a city blessed with easy access to two beautiful rivers. Most people who live here visit those waterways seasonally, for recreation and relaxation. But some folks call these rivers their workplace.

Late Season Cross-Country Skiing for First-Timers


Spring is officially here and the season openers are fast approaching for Oregon’s outdoorsy types. Soon bear hunters will be in the woods, gobbler guns will be loaded, and fresh-caught trout will be what’s for dinner … soon, but not quite yet. While you’re waiting for the excruciating countdown to finally end, there’s still time to get in a last-minute trip to the snow.

In-Town Hook-Ups: Fishing Alton Baker Canoe Canal


This spring, you don’t have to hike miles into the wilderness or paddle your way into a high-alpine honey hole to make good trout fishing happen. You don’t even have to wait for spring to officially start. Catching nice-sized rainbow trout, in town, is as easy as taking a walk in the park—Alton Baker Park, to be exact.

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