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“In today's society, we've lost our heroes,” said Darrell Grimes, owner of Eugene's Nostalgia Collectibles and Emerald City Comics.

Finding Superheroes: How Comic Books Became the New Cinema

Darrell Grimes, manager of Eugene’s Nostalgia Collectibles, believes stories of heroes appeal to our shared humanity – is this why Comics have become the source celeb for Hollywood filmmakers?

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Tickets and Tragedies: The News Week in Review

We live in confusing times. Every day we encounter events that bring joy, humor, tragedy, and heartbreak. Sometimes those events are welcomed. Other times they make us want to curl into the fetal position and wish the world would just disappear. This week was no exception to the rule. We are reminded once again how much hope and strength is needed and to not take even the small things for granted.

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