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Raspberry Chocolate Crumble

52 weeks of baking – Cobblers, Crisps and Crumbles This creation was invented because I wanted to be different, I wanted to make something different than what I could already find. I didn’t want a chocolate cobbler on top of my fruit, I wanted something […]

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Milk Chocolate Pots de Crème with Strawberries

This is a fantastic dessert, it’s very versatile, just change the liquid and you’ll have a completely different flavored dessert. Originally I made this with hot coffee, it’s not too much that you are having a mocha dessert, just a little hint of coffee creeps […]

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Almond Biscotti with Fennel and Orange

52 weeks of baking – The Renaissance Biscotti are really hard cookie that have to be dipped in coffee to be edible, that’s true, but more traditionally they were dipped in a sweet wine. I made these biscotti to go with a beet port that […]

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Crystal Jelly Candy

52 weeks of cooking – Soda/Pop Sugar is a very interesting substance to work with, one moment it’s doing nothing, the next it’s burnt and black. This recipe steers clear of that potential burnt sugar by only needing it to come to a boil to […]

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Chili Brownies with Almond and Cinnamon Swirl

52 weeks of baking – Bars & Squares I can’t leave a recipe alone, I always want to add more things, more flavor to make a new creation. These brownies are laced with a little chili powder, not the mixed chili powder you use to […]

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Banana Coconut Macaroons

52 weeks of cooking – Oceania These small cookies will take you away in one bite to a tropical island. Comprised mostly of coconut with a taste of banana and a hint of pandan these make me remember the humid heat of my early days […]

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Vegan Mexican Chocolate Cookies

52 weeks of baking – Dietary Restrictions While working on Class Afloat I had a cook’s mate, my dedicated helper. Over the years I worked with a few different girls, each had a different skill level from basic food knowledge to culinary graduate. They helped […]

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Slab Ricotta Crostata with Jam

52 weeks of baking – Italy When feeding a crowd making regular sized pies or anything individual takes time, I prefer to make large trays of things to save time. This is where slab pies come in handy, a larger, thinner pie made in a […]

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Rosewater Pavlova with Pistachios and Apricots

52 weeks of baking – Eid al-Fitr I’ve been making pavlova since the 7th grade. In social studies class we were assigned to report on the culture of a country of our choice. Back then I was obsessed with Lord of the Rings so I […]

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Pineapple Meringue Pie

52 weeks of baking – Fresh Fruit Inspiration for this recipe came from the fact that I had a pineapple that needed using and I seem to have endless amounts of egg whites on hand from making ice cream. I tried looking for a pineapple […]

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