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Oregon Basketball Analysis: Altman’s Drive-and-Kick Schematic

In order to beat high quality basketball teams such as UCLA and Arizona, the Ducks must do more than just score in transition.  Although it’s obvious that Oregon excels on the break, they actually work a mean half-court game, as well.  Unbeknownst to the common observer, a large portion of the Ducks’ offensive set consists of the classic “drive-and-kick” offensive scheme. The …

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Where Did the Year Go…

Greetings EDN readers. I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and didn’t party too hard on New Years Eve. The end of years is always a little strange to me. In one instant, it’s an entirely new year and for a few seconds I feel a little different, like time has reset itself and I’m starting over again. But after a moment everything goes back to normal and I realize it’s just another day except with a new year attached to it. But it does help to start with the Ducks winning the Rose Bowl.

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