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The Worst Game Ever Played

The way many people view Oregon football today is how it has been portrayed over the last five years. Everything about Oregon is cutting edge, futuristic, and new. The true fans know that this is not Oregon football. While all of the bui… Continue reading

Why the Next 3 Games Could Make or Break the Oregon Program

Heading into the 2015 season, the Ducks had many questions. Questions such as “Who will be playing quarterback?” and “Who is going to start in the secondary?” These questions lingered throughout the spring and summer and now aft… Continue reading

Should Ty Griffin be the Oregon Quarterback?

There’s a big banner at the Ducks’ practice field, that I’m going to have to paraphrase… “To be ordinary. keep doing things the way they’ve always been done.  To be great, requires the courage to go against trad… Continue reading

Harry sets Oregon visit

Five-star wide receiver N’Keal Harry made his first stop of the season last weekend when he officially visited Washington and he has lined up three other trips, too. Continue reading

Why Colorado will beat Oregon

  **Editor’s Note: Each week during football season, we feature an essay from the opponent’s student newspaper on why Oregon will lose. This week’s edition is from Jared Funk-Breay, a sports editor at The CU Independent.** In early September, the thought of Colorado beating Oregon this Saturday was ludicrous. The Buffaloes had lost … Continue reading

Flock Talk: Tea Leaves

This week in Flock Talk we look back at a recruiting weekend. It was ugly on the field, but what about off the field? Was a single loss more costly to the future of the program than just that single loss? Did the performance create lost opportunity for… Continue reading

The New Pacific Standard: Utah’s Ascent From the Inside

There is no system of promotion or relegation in American sports, but college football, especially in recent years, has come the closest to replicatin… Continue reading

From two-star to the field: Khalil Oliver’s earned his way into the Oregon secondary

There are three boxes in Lamont Oliver’s downstairs office at his Merdian, Idaho, home, filled with recruiting letters and scholarship offers. He was a prized running back and pitcher, who was offered the chance to suit up at schools like USC, Penn State and Texas A&M. Lamont rarely pulls out the boxes, … Continue reading

Ducks special teams rebounding after allowing ‘best play I’ve ever seen’ against Utah: Oregon Ducks rundown

Tom Osborne’s special teams unit still has this silver lining — it hasn’t allowed a kickoff return for a touchdown since 2006.

Continue reading

Quack Fix: Struggling secondary loses a piece


Oregon has lost another starter, this time on the defensive side. Chris Seisay is out indefinitely after having foot surgery. The Ducks have struggled to stop the pass this season and are ranked 114th in passing def… Continue reading

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