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Coriander Black Beans


When I make Mexican food I usually end up making salsa or pico de gallo, I like to remove the inside seed gooey bits, the tomato caviar. It’s perfectly good to keep in, but I remove it so that my pico de gallo isn’t too […]

Black Pepper BBQ Chicken Sandwich with Poblanos


When I grill something for dinner over charcoal I feel bad letting the coals go to waist, so I try to plan ahead and grill a second item to use up that heat. Even if there is only enough heat to leave grill marks or […]

Black Bean Braised Tofu


52 weeks of cooking – Tofu It may be hard to believe, but there are some days when I don’t want to cook, the key word there is some. And on those rare occasions where I don’t want to cook but still need to cook […]

Swedish Apple Pie


The group of friends I made on Bounty will always be with me even if we are miles apart, we bonded over a shared love of the ship. Every few years a group of us gets together for some event, recently it’s been weddings, but […]

Books a Sail and San Juan Escape


As the season finally begins to comes to an end I am burnt out. I can image that when you don’t live and work in the same location going home is relaxing, you get away from the stresses of your job and are able to […]

Papa’s Zucchini


During the summer I’d visit my grandparents, all by myself, we called it Grandma Camp. Most of the time my grandma would be the one entertaining and taking care of me, but when it came time for dinner my Papa took over. He always made […]

Cluster Granola


52 weeks of baking – Breakfast/Brunch When I cooked on Class Afloat I made large batches of yoghurt from scratch, it seemed more practical than having to buy and refrigerate several small containers. I could just make the yoghurt when I needed a big batch, […]

Desolation Sound Part 2


Day 6 Breakfast: Blini with sour cream and jam, breakfast sausage, yoghurt, granola and juice Lunch: Squid stuffed with spinach in a white wine sauce, green beans almondine and leftover mac and cheese Snack: Lamb cigars with yoghurt tahini sauce Dinner: Cachapas with pulled pork, […]

Desolation Sound Part 1


This is the big trip of the year that everyone has been waiting for, 10 days in Desolation Sound Canada. It’s a beautiful place and well worth the effort it takes to organize everything to get there, but it is a bit of an organizational […]

Sticky Toffee Pudding Ice Cream


52 weeks of baking – Creams, Curds & Puddings I’ve been making a lot of ice cream this summer, experimenting with new flavors and playing with the amount of egg yolk, heavy cream and sugar to find the right texture. I’ve fallen in love with […]

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