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The deadline for voter

Voters Pamphlet: Now That Should Come in Useful?

A long time ago, in a far away land, I was a registered Democrat. I’m not exactly sure why I registered that way but in college I thought Democrat was the way to go. The older I got and the more I began to understand, the more I realized I wasn’t a D so after moving to Eugene I re-registered as a Republican. Living in this community I realized I wasn’t a far left and the only other direction I could go at the time was the far right.

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Don’t Sit on Your Butt, Speak Up

Some big changes are headed to Eugene and I think its time the voiceless speak up. A few months back I heard Whole Foods is again looking to located in Downtown Eugene. Those close to the deal asked me to be quiet about the deal because, in case you didn’t notice, there’s a group of people in Eugene who tend to kill new development before it has a chance to grow.

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The OLCC was created by the Oregon Legislative Assembly in 1933 — literally days after the repeal of Prohibition.

Viewpoint: Time to Rethink the OLCC

R.L. Stollar argues that it is time for Oregon to rethink its relationship with the OLCC. In these economic times, it makes little sense to allow a state monopoly on liquor.

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Photos: Oregon Ducks beat Seattle Redhawks 2-1.

The Oregon Ducks women’s soccer team beat Seattle University Redhawks 2-1 in the seventh game of their season Friday night at Pape Field. Oregon Midfielder Scout Libke kicked a corner that went into the net at the end of the second half putting t…

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Antibiotics are the most commonly prescribed drugs in the modern world.

Viewpoint: Taking Antibiotics Seriously

Diana Glasser argues that antibiotic prescriptions should never be used lightly. They are powerful drugs that, when abused, can lead to serious chronic and auto-immune diseases as well as severe food allergies.

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The question is: can we be creative in our maladjustment, rather than self-destructive? Repeatedly, MLK said in a variety of ways, “The salvation of the world lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted.”

Viewpoint: The Logic Behind Creative Maladjustment

In this week’s guest viewpoint, David W. Oaks of MindFreedom International argues that the positive celebration of mental and emotional differences does not necessarily mean opposing rationality.

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What Rep. Akin said is a very real statement on how so many people still sadly think about rape and abuse — that there is "legitimate" rape or "forcible" rape and then there is "all that other stuff."

Viewpoint: The Illegitimate Use of Language

In this Viewpoint, R.L. Stollar argues that what Rep. Akin said about “legitimate rape” is a fundamental betrayal of those who suffer abuse at the hands of other human beings. We need to shift our focus from the abortion debate to the reality of abuse.

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