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Will This Winter Be Like Last Winter?

Snow On Trees

What controls our winter weather patterns and what kind of winter can we expect this year? I’ll explain in detail.

Did It Seem That Hot To You?

The summer of 2015 turns out to be the hottest on record. Just how hot did it get? What about next summer? I’ll explain.

El Nino is Growing Stronger. What Does It Mean For Us?

We’ve all heard of El Nino, but did you know it is getting stronger? I’ll explain what that means to us and the kind of weather we might expect for this upcoming winter.

Whose Fault Is It? Could It Be El Nino, La Nina, or even La Nada?

El Nino and La Nina are two terms that have been used a lot lately. What do they mean for those of us who live in the Pacific Northwest?

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