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Where Did the Week Go…


We went out to dinner on Friday, and on Saturday we had a Thanksgiving-style dinner and watched the Ducks pummel Stanford. It was a nice little weekend filled with parents, presents and pumpkin pie. So while I was busy entertaining the family, there was a lot going on this week.

Friday Night on the Town


October is winding down fast so get out there before it's gone. Start with the Last Friday Artwalk and end up at a pre-Hallowen party at any number of venues. There's plenty to do in Eugene and outlying environs so get moving.

Local Cinema Watch


A new slate of films open this Friday at the Bijou: a well-reviewed documentary, a film featuring the biggest cast ever,and the return of a popular film from a familiar director. In addition to a new set of films debuting, the Bijou will also be hosting a one-night event on Friday showcasing an old horror classic with a new interpretation on the sound of the film by a local band.

Saturday Night On The Town


Music and good vibes abound in our little city tonight. Just People is back in town at Lucky’s, Kite’s and Crows are up from Ashland, and metal fans won’t want to miss the lineup at the McDonald. Maybe start out watching the game at the Sixth Street Bar & Grill and catch a little Happy Hour goodness as the game winds down. From there it’s an easy stumble to the music clubs and more good times to celebrate the victory.

The Eager Beavers: Exposed

The Eager Beavers photo courtsey Roger Rix

To help ensure people enjoy what The Eager Beavers are doing and recognizing they are controversial in their subject matter, the band actually reads a disclaimer during their set. Much like the controversy of physical exposure, these women emotionally avail themselves to the naked and raw sentiment of their femininity and write about it in songs that are memorable.

Japanese band Melt Banana plays the WOW Hall


Japanese metal band Melt Banana visited Eugene's WOW Hall on Saturday, October 1, 2011. They played a very fun, energetic show matching their fast paced drums and guitar riffs with the staccato lyrics of singer, Yako.

Friday Night on the Town

stephanie schneiderman photo courtsey of Stephanie Schneiderman FB page

Since it's the last Friday of September, what better way to start tonight off than at the Wandering Goat for the Last Friday Art Walk.  The art of Jeff Mason goes on display tonight as he's the new house artist for October. The evening kicks off around 6pm.

Local Cinema Watch


There's something for everyone this week at the Bijou & The David Minor Theater. A little comedy, some drama, throw in some sci-fi and top it off with a Schwarzenegger flick.

Inside Outlaw – Friday Night at the Cluster


ScottieZ get's up close and personal with the quality of the facilities down at the Cluster (Broadway and Olive) in Downtown Eugene.

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