Eugene City Council

Council Approves Sale of Civic Stadium


EUGENE, Ore. — A major step forward for the future of Civic Stadium as Eugene city councilors approved the sale of the historic ballpark to the Eugene Civic Alliance Wednesday. A number of councilors expressed their excitement about what this could mean for Civic Stadium, after months of talks about what to do with the … Continue reading »

Public Provides Boost for Sick Leave Law


EUGENE, Ore. — A bit of guidance for the the city of Eugene as it drafts rules for its new mandatory sick leave law. The city invited the community for a public discussion Tuesday night regarding the creation of administrative rules for the law that goes into effect next summer. Some of the suggestions from … Continue reading »

Council Halts City Hall Deconstruction


EUGENE, Ore. — Just days into the reconstruction of Eugene’s City Hall the Eugene City Council votes to halt the process. The move comes after city leaders had begun to take down pieces of the old City Hall last week. Monday night’s decision by the council was made so essentially everyone could be on the … Continue reading »

Community Debates Sick Leave Ordinance


EUGENE, Ore — As the Eugene City Council debates the issue of a paid sick leave ordinance, a divided community voices its opinions. The council held a public hearing Monday night on an ordinance that would require employers to provide sick leave to their workers. 67 people signed up to testify at the public hearing … Continue reading »

Council Passes Fireworks Ordinances


EUGENE, Ore. — There’s been an outcry of public frustration after a home in north Eugene burned down last year, from illegal fireworks. Monday night the Eugene City Council acted — with stricter guidelines for fireworks use, and harsher penalties for breaking the law. There were two ordinances on the table. The first would restrict … Continue reading »

Eugene To Vote On Fireworks Restrictions


EUGENE, Ore. — The 4th of July is just two weeks away and city councilors in Eugene are getting ready to vote on two ordinances that could impact this year’s celebration. The ordinances are now on Monday’s agenda. The first proposes a potential $500 fine if you get caught using fireworks outside of July 3rd … Continue reading »

Eugene Considers Sick Leave Ordinance


EUGENE, Ore. — Providing sick leave protection for local employees was the main topic at the Eugene City Council work session Wednesday. Councilors are mulling the idea of putting an ordinance in place that would require businesses to offer sick time to employees on an annual basis. The ordinance would only affect businesses within Eugene … Continue reading »

Fireworks Spark City Debate


EUGENE, Ore. — As July 4th approaches, a community urges the Eugene City Council to make decisions on fireworks restrictions. Two public hearings Monday night aimed to tackle use of illegal fireworks, but the council likely won’t take action before the holiday. Those who testified this evening were frustrated over the growing problem of illegal … Continue reading »

Councilors Approve Rest Stop Site


EUGENE, Ore. — With the clock ticking on the illegal campsite known as Whoville at Broadway and Hilyard, those living there may have another option when the city closes the campsite. The Eugene City Council approved a new rest-stop site near the Cuthbert Amphitheater and Science Factory. Those with disabilities would have priority to stay … Continue reading »

Public Input Sought for Rest Stops


EUGENE, Ore. — The community has a chance to weigh in on Eugene’s experimental rest stop pilot program for the homeless Tuesday night. The Eugene City Council wants public input on keeping the first rest stop site at Roosevelt and Garfield open a little longer. It’s supposed to close March 31. But councilors want to … Continue reading »

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