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Behind The Scenes: Don’t Be Ashamed of Selfies


We recently produced a video explaining our position on "Selfies" and I'm asking people like you to send me a "Selfie" so I can put it on the Rick Dancer TV show. I believe "Selfies" are an important cultural issue.

Mandarose: A Local Film to Challenge the Spirit of Sprout


When you think of a movie about someone with a disability, you might imagine the disability being the main point of the film. But in real life a disability is simply part of life, part of someone’s story, not the basis for everything about that person.

Goodwill and Centro Latino Americano Team up For Jobs


Goodwill has an amazing Jobs Connections Program. Now, thanks to a partnership with Centro Latino Americano, a lot of Spanish-speaking job seekers in our area are getting the help they need to find a job.

Behind the Scenes of RDTV Survivors


When January rolls around something in my soul becomes uneasy. I never used to get that way but January of 2010 changed my January’s forever. That is the year doctors discovered my Prostate Cancer. A few months later I added a new label to my resume “Cancer Survivor.”

Take A Hike At Spencer Butte – The Butte That Almost Wasn’t

Spencer Butte Eugene, Oregon c 1910 | Photo Lane County Historical Society

"Remember, Eugene boys and girls will be climbing Spencer Butte fifty and one hundred years from today, to be inspired by looking over a city built out of the very foot of the butte. F.M. Wilkins Mayor of Eugene 1905 - 1907

Apple Daze – On The Farm At Detering Orchards


Detering Orchard was started nearly 80 years ago by Gerald and Marie Detering during the great depression.

Bike Friday In The Bike Capital Of The Country

Bike Friday Chopper

They showed me with obvious pride, how in 4 seconds their bikes can fold down into something that could fit into a carry on!

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