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It’s A LU’AU!

A FREE LU’AU! On May 20, 2011, EOTC Students of LCC’s American Design Drafting Association, are throwing a luau today from 2-6pm. This event is…

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Off To Market

If you have never been to the Saturday Market, then well……you’ve never truly experienced Eugene. Saturday April 2nd, the Saturday Market returns to downtown Eugene for its 41st year.

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Good Karma AND a Frog Suit

Henry David Thoreau once said “Wealth is the ability to fully experience life”. I find this interesting coming from a man who wrote a book about simple living and embracing your surroundings. Wealth may open more doors, but I think embracing your surroundings and your community is fully experiencing life…..and Spring is the perfect time to do it!

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No Pot of Gold Needed

Tomorrow, a large majority of Eugene will be wearing green of a different kind. Celebrated on March 17th internationally, Saint Patrick’s Day is a holiday commonly known for shamrocks, leprechaun’s and green beer. So much so that it is in fact one of the leading days for alcohol consumption in the United States.

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Confucius Would Never Pay a Cover

Regardless of if you go to play music or to listen, your bank account will thank you!

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Love is Great, but it Doesn’t Pick Up the Check.

If the size of your pocketbook doesn’t equal (or even come close) to the size of your love for that special someone, here are a few affordable options for you and your valentine.

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