Is There Anything Super Mariota Can’t Do? A Quick Recap of Last Night’s Accomplishments


We are the champions, we are the champions! Okay, we aren’t necessarily champions yet, but our men are on their way for sure! After last night’s 51-27 win over Utah, our Ducks are said...

Ducks Run Defense Will Be the Difference Maker of the 2014 Season


Having a Heisman-hopeful, such as quarterback Marcus Mariota, is always exciting for a team. However, the timeless saying “Defense wins Championships” has been proven correct time and time again. With that being said, the Duck defense — which is arguably the best it has been since the departure of Defensive Coordinator Nick Alliotti – is possibly what could finally land ...

Oregon Football Recruiting Analysis: How Does Autonomy Change the Recruiting Game?


A widespread change might be in place for football. The National Collegiate Athletic Association recently voted in favor of giving the five “power conferences” autonomy, to allow the student-athletes to participate in governing the entity they are bound in playing for at a Division I university. If sustained by the end of October, 2014, how will this affect the recruiting ...

The Unlikely Trap Game on Oregon’s Schedule


I’m not saying it is going to happen; just saying it is possible. Not likely, just possible. Like writing a will before travelling abroad: if there’s even a moderate chance of something bad happening, prudent people take precautions to mitigate the danger. Wills are written in case the unexpected happens, that remote possibility no one else saw coming, to let everyone know you ...

Hey, Chip! Bring Darron Thomas to Philadelphia


With Chip Kelly now in the National Football League, all eyes will be on the man in the visor to see how he decides to implement his up-tempo style of offense to the pros. What should he do? Bring in Darron Thomas!

Oregon Football National Signing Day – Live Update


Here at EDN we will keep you up-to-date with non-stop coverage of National Signing Day! This page will be updated as the day progresses and more players sign their national letters of intent:

Sports Desk: National Signing Day First Showcase for New Coaching Regime


Oregon has a number of big time recruits interested in donning green and yellow over the next 3-5 years of their collegiate

Mullens Confirms: Kelly to Philadelphia, Head Coach Search to Begin


Chip Kelly is officially the new head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. Oregon athletic director Rob Mullens discusses the new direction of the program and life post Chip.

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