The Wildfire Season Has Really Fired Up.


It has been about a month since I updated the wildfire situation in the Pacific Northwest and the fire season has really exploded into action. I'll explain.

Very Hot + Very Dry = Oregon Wildfires


It's that time of the year when wildfires break out due to the excessively hot and dry weather conditions by natural causes or human started.. We'll take a look at the latest information concerning the current fires in the state of Oregon.

Firefighters Go Beyond Call of Duty


  SPRINGFIELD, Ore. —  A Springfield woman is sharing her story about a group of firefighters who went beyond the call of duty. Susan Breedlove was moving from Eugene to Springfield last Saturday when things took a bad turn. Her brother had a heart attack while helping her load the truck with her belongings. Susan … Continue reading »

Electrical Problem Causes Apartment Fire


EUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene-Springfield Fire Department says an electrical issue is to blame for a fire that destroyed four apartment units on South Willamette Street. Firefighters say an electrical malfunction in the ceiling of the second story unit started the fire. Two firefighters were hurt battling the fire. They were both released from the … Continue reading »

Fires Burn Near I-5, Threaten Homes


DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. — Firefighters are closely watching fires that flared up right next to I-5 Thursday evening. The Douglas Forest Protection Association says the fires spanned 60 acres flames got dangerously close to homes and cars driving by on I-5. Five fires up and down 1-5 from the Myrtle Creek exit to Clarks Branch … Continue reading »

Santa Clara Fire Dept. Chicken BBQ


EUGENE, Ore — Santa Clara volunteer firefighters are preparing for the 57th annual chicken barbecue. Forty volunteer firefighters provide emergency service in the Santa Clara area and this fundraiser generates one third of their budget.  The money goes directly to the volunteer association for community events and education programs. Organizers say every year they sell … Continue reading »

Firefighters Being Called on Crime Duty


CAVE JUNCTION, Ore. – As budget concerns continue to stifle Josephine County law enforcement, residents are beginning to look elsewhere. Now fire departments say they’re getting calls from people who see them as the only ones who will respond to crimes. Last week the Illinois Valley Fire District responded to a call for medical aid, … Continue reading »

Cats are the New Black (Death): The News Week in Review


Apparently the bubonic plague is making a comeback! And instead of swarms of rats carrying it, the plague has wisely chosen as its carrier less-suspicious creatures: Cats.

June 15 – Evening Update


Tim Chuey: mixed and warm, teacher performance standards bill, firefighters mobilize, Springfield seeks citizen aid, suicide kit, Cliff headed for trouble, worker healthcare bill, BofA apologizes, free tuition for foster kids, rise in fraud calls to EPD...

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