I was really proud of myself when I first officially cooked on Bounty, not just cooking one meal, not filling in for a few days, but really cooking for a length of time. We were in Maine and I was really glad to move into […]

Cyclops Toast


It doesn’t matter what you call it, egg in a hole, chicken on a raft, egg in a basket, Johnny one eye or as I prefer Cyclops toast it’s all the same, a slice of bread with the center cut out and an egg cracked […]

Apple and Cheese Galette with Cumin Seeds


Cumin and cheese is a great combination, there is even a gouda that comes with toasted cumin seeds in it, one of my favorites. Cheese and apples go great together too, they pair nicely in a pie, so why not let all three of them […]

Chipotle Crème for Fish Tacos


I have strong feelings about tacos Corn tortillas over flour No rice or beans Be simple, 3 fillings maximum When I set up my buffet line I try to set it up in a manor that people won’t be tempted to put side dishes into […]

Cauliflower Risotto


Winter has arrived once more and its time to dial back my elaborate boat cooking and focus on healthier dishes for myself and the husband. We have a lot of go to things we make that are flexible on their flavors so we don’t get […]

Harissa Salmon


Over the past 4 years I’ve made a ton of salmon, not just Friday night salmon dinner sails, but plenty of private charters select salmon off my catering menu. The first year I ate salmon with enthusiasm, after that I only ate some here or […]

Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese


Part of my endless quest for exciting flavors extends to mac and cheese, as I’ve said before it’s a great canvas for experimenting. Early on in my cooking career I came upon this mash up and quickly made it my own, hot wings meet mac […]

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