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Fresh Strawberry Pie

Sun warmed strawberries right out of the garden are the best thing you can put in your mouth all summer, but when there is no garden large enough you sometimes have to turn to the produce aisle. These strawberries tend to need a little help, […]

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Phyllo Walnut Granola

The base of most granolas is oatmeal, it’s crunchy, earthy and has endless flavor possibilities with fun additions from dried fruit to chocolate. The most common way to consume granola is with yoghurt, I prefer thick Greek yoghurt with a drizzle of honey and a […]

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Growing up Italian: It’s all Greek to me, today :)

When one lives in Italy, the neighboring countries are just that. Places that seem so far away from Oregon, were just “around the corner” from me, while growing up. Many European capitals are reachable in less than 3 hours, with a quick flight from Rome.

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Growing up Italian: The “abominable” Biscotti

My maternal grandmother was what one would call- nowadays- a fashionista.

Living “la dolce vita” in Firenze (Florence) at the eve of WWII could have been glamorous. She took full advantage of it. Married to my grandfather, a Marshall of the Italian Army, she attended the Opera wearing the latest fashion, and purchased her shoes from Salvatore Ferragamo, who back then was just emerging as a promising shoemaker in Italy.

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Growing up Italian: My other home….is a Jewel!

AL FRESCO:Adverb (al-/fres-/ko’): Dining style during the summer months in a party-like atmosphere, outside, “in the cool air”. To me, it means way more than that.…

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Growing up Italian – Rosa Mariotti

Things I took for granted growing up Italian, have now become treasured experiences. Flavors, smells and memories, are part of my repertoire of sensory recalls I hope to share with you.

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Popular “Dishcrawl” Launches in Eugene

If you’ve never heard of Dishcrawl, you’re in for the newest addition to culinary social networking, emphasis on the social. The concept is simple: it’s an eat and meet event. Four restaurants in one night with a small group of your yet-to-be-discovered closest foodie friends.

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The Monday Night Sol Picante Staff
Luis (Center) and Serafin (Right) ensure the quality of their food day-in and day-out. Photo courtesy of Chris Anderson

Sol Picante: Fresh-Mex

Sol Picante had recently seen a few reviews on services such as Yelp and Urbanspoon accusing them of using food out of cans for their lunch and dinner plates. For a relatively new business looking to succeed, these reviews, while false, can sometimes be damaging. Luis Rodriguez and Serafin Mora wanted to set the record straight.

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