A Very Merry Gnocchi Party!


On the last day of the year, I leave you with both a recipe and video for gnocchi and party making, in the hopes that you will be encouraged to spend time with those you care about, by sharing some food with them. From our group of food lovers to yours, Happy New Year!

Growing up Italian: Two weddings and….one crushed!


When one gets married, in Italy, one is willing to grow deeper roots. I, on the other hand, always wanted to grow wings- for as long as I can remember.

How Clean is Your Favorite Restaurant?


We take a lot for granted as consumers when we head into a restaurant. We expect it to be clean, that the food is reasonably fresh, that they follow good practices for food prep, storage and serving. With the popularity of shows like Kitchen Nightmares (Gordon Ramsey) and Restaurant Impossible (Robert Irvine), we also go in with a bit of suspicion and not a little doubt: is it really as clean as I think?

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