City of Eugene Sowing Seeds


EUGENE, Ore — The City of Eugene is sowing seeds and ensuring native habitats stay native. The City’s Parks and Open Space department oversees over 70 developed parks and over 2,500 acres of open space. If there’s a renovation project, plants and seeds are required. In 2006, the city opted to cultivate its own seeds … Continue reading »

Indoor Gardening with Moss


Have you ever walked the many trails and parks in Lane County, particularly during the rainy season and noticed moss covered trees, branches and rocks? In a natural setting moss looks quite beautiful. Draped on tree branches it sets a tone of an ancient, almost medieval quality. Along streams and water falls, moss creates plush green cushions that accent the water features.

Hydroponics for the indoor gardener


If you have the winter blues and are longing for the beginning of the spring gardening season, consider hydroponic gardening. Hydroponics is the science of growing plants without soil and brings gardening indoors for anyone regardless of space or resource limitations.

Down to Earth’s Expansion a Sign Of Changing Times


The local small business managed to grow during recent hard economic times due to increasing interest in backyard gardening as a means of saving money

The Growing Need


Households throughout our community are struggling to make ends meet with rising food costs and a shaky economy. There are several community organizations that are utilizing grass-roots efforts to grow vegetables and fruit, maintain the gardens, harvest and distribute, and most import to teach sustainable living to all of those who are interested.

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