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October 1st – Morning Headlines

parking rate hike suggestion

Tim Chuey: sunny and warm but cloudy this evening, parking rate hike, River Road moderate-income housing development plan, motorcycle vs car, SUV vs red light, Average Gas Price $3.99, Whilamut Passage Bridge name approved, Duck soccer fail, Duck volleyball dominates.

September 24 – Morning Headlines

fuel taxes by state

Tim Chuey, pleasant - partly cloudy, Seven arrested for harboring suspect, bank robber surrenders, 40+ cited Saturday night, one Willamalane pool opens, Zumwalt Park rehab, Avg Gas Prices: 3.97, Ducks over Arizona

September 11 – Morning Headlines


Tim Chuey: sunshine, Kerns exclusion zone proposal deadlocked in City Council, Sisters wildfire now 4200 acres, anti-gillnet campaign dropped, 2/3 of State hires are temp jobs, Gas: $4.04 avg., Pac-12 honors Beavers, Duck Volleyball over St. Mary's, Carson York out for season.

August 13 – Morning Headlines


Tim Chuey: warm with some clouds - Meteor shower continues tonight, Don Juans fire, HomeSource charter hearing, Glenwood fatality, dismissed climate lawsuit appealed, Hwy 99 crash alcohol related, Buckhead fire update, Gas Prices avg. $3.87, Lorane bike lane upgrade, Gordon Goodpasture home destroyed, Challengers run comes to an end, Ems lose to Tri-City.

July 17 – Morning Headlines


Tim Chuey: Thunderstorms, rental scam, O'Connell for mayor?, Springfield prosecutor out, EMX enviro study results, another tsunami dock offshore, matsutake mushroom harvest, gas prices, Lilliard fires up Blazers, the UO Football palace.

July 2 – Morning Headlines


Tim Chuey: Cloudy and a chance of rain, Springfield shooting, Pleasant Hill vehicle vs pedestrians, Avg. Gas Price $3.62, Annex Bldg demolition today, Library hours, Ryan Land - Athlete of the Month, Allyson Felix wins 200, Timbers lose to Colorado, 1500 meter finals, 15mins with Olympian Deena Kastor.

June 25 – Morning Headlines


Tim Chuey:showers, Smart meters on hold, Oakridge HS coach arrested, plane crash, gas prices ($3.77 avg), near tragedy at Trials, invasive species, Black Sheep Gathering, OT Day 3, Gatlin wins 100m, Suhr, Goodwin & Hoffa earn berth to London

June 18 – Headlines


Tim Chuey: chance of showers, Green Acres road construction, Gas Prices, McKenzie River drowning, Veneta water line lawsuit, Assessor's office to close on Fridays, First lady speaks to OSU grads, Springfield Relief Nursery receives a 1M gift.

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