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Cars, Homes Tagged with Racial Graffiti

EUGENE, Ore. — More than a dozen people woke up to find their cars and homes tagged with racial graffiti Wednesday morning in Eugene. Police say it happened overnight in the Barger area in the neighborhoods of Hilton and Nebraska southeast of Royal and Beltline. Police say this is one of the least graphic photos. … Continue reading »

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City Prepares to Take Down Graffiti

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The city of Springfield is preparing for a graffiti cleanup Tuesday on the EWEB Bike Path. Two neighbors who live near the path are not only fed up with the graffiti but say this is a growing problem in the city of Springfield. “This is our home, and our home doesn’t look … Continue reading »

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Graffiti – A Photo Essay

What is the answer to graffiti? I don’t think there is one to be honest. There are boards to legally paint on by Skinners Butte. I stopped by and found a young man getting ready to “paint” but when he saw me, he started to pack his bag. I told him it was okay, he didn’t have to leave. This was his territory not mine. He declined to speak with me.

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December 7 – Morning Headlines

Tim Chuey: cold and foggy, EWEB votes to hike rates, Chase organic corn settlement, mayoral candidate, Bethel vandals, graffiti suspect nabbed, Compton pleads not guilty, Jay Leno on Creswell artists, Coach has real good time…

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