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Wine Down Eugene

This past week has been non-stop, and if you enjoy reading the Local Lunch Gals reviews, you’ll know why. I’m pretty exhausted at this point, but there’s no time for rest and relaxation….just yet.

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Rustic Meets Refined

We headed down the long gravel driveway towards the turn of the century rustic red barn, as we approached we were greeted by a 1940’s era Chevy farm truck adorned with hanging baskets of flowers and a sign that read, “parking”. We eagerly slipped into an available spot…

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The Sparkling Future of Domaine Meriwether

“Making wine is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, and all the pieces must fit together to create a picture. Once all the pieces are together, the further away you get from the picture, the better the picture gets; it becomes seamless and whole.”

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Saturday – Night on the Town

The buzz of the last two nights of eclectic entertainment still coursing through the veins, Saturday presents itself with a fresh platter of diversion. This is the night to eat well, start early, enjoy your friends, stay late.

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