CBG: Why You Should Care About Cannabigerol


Whether you are a seasoned “cannaseur” or relatively new to incorporate cannabis into your life, you stand to benefit from learning about cannabigerol, the mother of all cannabinoids, and what it can do for you.

Heylo’s RawX Vapes and PAX Pods launch in historic Have a Heart in Downtown Seattle


Heylo Cannabis is thrilled to announce a new retail partnership with Have a Heart, a historic brand that has cultivated a reputation of trust, reliability, and premium selection since opening under Washington’s Medical Cannabis market in 2019.

Cannabis and Yoga: Connecting History, Science, and Current Potential


Are cannabis and yoga a synergistic pair, or a sacrilegious mixing of two sacred practices? A shared history between cannabis and yoga offers useful perspective, as well as an understanding of modern trends.

Introducing Heylotion – A Cannabis Lotion for Relief and Skin Care


Heylotion is a product family of topicals that include THC, CBD, and terpenes working together to provide benefits and enable a sense of relief for a wide-variety of conditions.

Heylo Topicals Adopt New Names: Heylotion Budder and Heylotion Balm


Heylo introduces the Heylotion line of cannabis topicals, including Heylotion Body Budder and Heylotion Body Balm

How Cannabis Can Take Your Workout To The Next Level


Have you ever wondered how cannabis can be incorporated into exercise as part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle? It's possible. Let's explore some of the science and best practices of cannabis and working out.

Introducing Loud – A CBD Lube Available Nationwide


Loud, a transformative new lube with CBD, is available now from Heylo Hemp. Experience the magic this sensational moisturizer for intimacy can generate in your life.

What to Know Before Trying Cannabis For the First Time


With a growing number of states legalizing cannabis, the barrier to buying and consuming this plant is weakening. As such, more and more people are open to trying it out, especially as the stigma attached to cannabis consumption also continues to dwind...

Is Vaping Cannabis Safe? How To Protect Yourself with Cannabis Vapes


Vaping related illnesses and deaths have put the United States on high alert. What do we know about these troublesome events, and how can consumers protect themselves?

Can Cannabis Improve Your Sex Life?


Whether you’re looking to go from 0 to 60 in bed or curious whether cannabis can enhance your already active sex life, you stand to gain from learning about the relationship between cannabis and sex. 

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