Man Breaks into Home; Leaves Blood Trail


CORVALLIS, Ore. —  A group of six roomates had quite the scare over the weekend when a man entered their townhouse and left a trail of blood behind, according to police. The home is on the corner of Harrison Blvd. and 23rd St. Police say late Friday night, a man broke into the three-story townhouse … Continue reading »

UO Students on High Alert


EUGENE, Ore. — The search continues for a man who broke into multiple apartments in Eugene last week, and the University of Oregon is reminding students to be on alert. Investigators say that man broke into multiple apartments in near Kinsrow Avenue. In one incident, he even climbed into bed with a young woman and … Continue reading »

Bedroom intruder claims ‘Wrong room’ before dashing out


A 21-year-old woman woke up early Thursday morning to find a stranger standing in the bedroom of her residence on the 200 block of Northwest 14th Street, according Capt. Dave Henslee of the Corvallis Police Department.
She reported that the man said, “Wrong room,” and then left, according to Henslee. Nothing appeared missing from the residence.
The intruder likely entered through an unlocked door, Henslee said. Reading from the investigating officer’s incomplete report, Henslee didn’t know for sure whether the victim lived in a house, apartment or communal dwelling.
Officers were dispatched to the residence at 5:47 a.m. They didn’t locate anyone suspicious in the area, but time had lapsed because the woman called her mother before calling 911, Henslee said.
In the dim room, the woman was only able to describe the intruder as a man in a dark coat.
Cases in Corvallis of people entering the wrong residence are common, Henslee said, although not usually that late in the morning.
“We see situations like this but mostly it’s around alcohol use — someone’s had too much to drink…,” he said. “At 5 in the morning, almost 6 in the morning, that’s a little more uncommon.“
Henslee said there is nothing to indicate that the trespasser is the same man responsible for three similar intrusions last December, which occurred about a half-mile away. In that case, police believe one man was responsible for entering three residences on the 2200 and 2300 block of Northwest Harrison Boulevard starting around 2 a.m. on Dec. 5. Each victim was a woman in her early 20s.
“We don’t have any information to draw a connection between these two cases,” he said.

July 16 – Morning Headlines


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