Jameis Winston

Shock and Awe — The Oregon Ducks’ Football Hangover Effect


Everyone knows that Oregon goes fast. Duck football is synonymous with speed and tempo and heaps and heaps of points. This article, however, will delve into the mental aspect of the uptempo pace the Ducks have favored is seasons past, as experienced by...

Training Camp Review — Mariota Proves to be NFL Ready


During mini-camps earlier this summer, both Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston impressed their new teams and were praised for their accuracy and leadership qualities. In the relatively low-intensity practices, the quarterbacks looked good and impressed their fan bases, coaching staffs...

Oregon’s Quiet Success Against Elite Teams Contradicts “Soft” Reputation


No college football program faces a greater disparity between reality and reputation than Oregon. One would think that having the nation’s highest winning percentage over the past five seasons in what could easily be argued as college football&#8... Continue reading →

Shawn Jefferson Boasts “Mariota is Deadly Accurate”


“He’s a project … second-best quarterback in the draft … not pro ready!” Such were the cries of many draft analysts in the first quarter of the year. Of course, they were talking about Marcus Mariota. Many so-called &#8220... Continue reading →

Oregon’s Football Recruitment Needs Marcus Mariota to Thrive in the NFL


Oregon quarterbacks do not have the best track record when it comes to production at the NFL level. Since 1999 and prior to Marcus Mariota, Oregon had five quarterbacks taken in the NFL Draft, two of which were 1st-round picks... Continue reading →

Mark Helfrich Praises Marcus Mariota on “NFL AM”


The 2015 NFL Draft is finally here and the first round is tonight at 5 p.m. PDT on ESPN and the NFL Network. At last, Duck fans will know where Marcus Mariota will start his NFL career. Among critics, Mariota...

Jon Gruden Talks Marcus Mariota’s Draft Stock


Earlier this morning Jon Gruden hosted a conference call where the former NFL coach and current ESPN analyst fielded questions regarding the NFL Draft. Gruden has been evaluating pro talent for more than 25 years, so his opinion is considered highly . Gruden began...

Mariota Outscores Winston on Wonderlic


As the ongoing debate about which QB, Marcus Mariota or Jameis Winston, should be taken first in the NFL draft rages on, experts are noting that Mariota is making a stronger and stronger case to overtake Winston. The initial sentiments...

Oregon Football 2014: Three Defining Moments


Mike Merrell’s Three-and-Out Some things never get old. Remembering wonderful things that came our way out of the blue always brings a smile. For sheer joy, it’s a toss-up between that and remembering the most outlandish, hilarious misfortunes that happened...

Happy Birthday, FishDuck.com Style


This week is my wife’s birthday. She turns (#@#%* transmission garbled) years old. I wanted to get her the best birthday gift possible, so I did what any intelligent husband would do. She said, “A trip to Hawaii sounds fun.”...

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