Radiation Dose Chart


The nuclear disaster is still going on in Japan, and radiation has been detected around the Pacific rim. The government reassures us, rightly so, that levels are not harmful in any way. I just can’t help thinking that a little more information, and a little more, and a little more, (ad infinitum) will always help.

Where’s the Iodide?


By now even the most cautious among us have either hit the stores looking for iodide, or are thinking about it.  We put up an article a couple of days ago about the rush to buy potassium iodide and later updated it to mention Kelp as an alternative. I'd like to say it was my medical knowledge and journalist instincts that brought about the update, but truth be told, it was my wife that sparked it.

Fear Sparks Rush to Buy Iodine Tablets (updated)


Apparently some locals are fearing for their safety as nuclear reactors in Japan continue to degrade in the wake of the almost 9.0 magnitude earthquake. Fearing radiation may reach the West Coast, local stores have seen a huge spike in their sales of iodine tablets, often used with radiation exposure. Some stores are even selling

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