Joey Harrington

Buckle Up: Time To Ride the Oregon Football Roller Coaster


It used to be that Oregon fans made light of the other teams in the Pac-12 for their roller coaster seasons. You know the ones I’m talking about. Where they have pre-season hopes, maybe some hype around a returning quarterback...



Spoiled. Of the hundreds of words spoken on that show, it was the one that resonated. Yet, unlike most sports talk shows, that label wasn’t thrown at a player, but this time aimed at fans. Not the fans of the...

Your All-Time Top 10: Oregon Football Edition


At the University of Oregon, football is a great tradition. The Ducks are now known to be a powerhouse in the Pac-12, finishing second with a record of 9-3 last year. The Ducks have produced special players since the beginning of the football...

Oregon and Stanford: A History of Spoilers


Once again Oregon is heading into a pivotal matchup with Stanford. Oregon is going to be unranked in this game for the first time since 2008, but the same story line between them remains. In games with Stanford there is...

The Perfect Quarterback for an Impossible Task


Vernon Adams was given an impossible task — be the quarterback who replaces Marcus Mariota. Media and fans tried to temper expectations, but it was clear from early on; no one said they expected Adams to be Mariota, but secretly...

College Football: Who to Root For and Against in Week 7


The Oregon Ducks are sitting at 3-3 headed into Week 7. Duck fans didn’t see this coming, the college football know-it-alls didn’t see this coming and I definitely didn’t see it coming. Usually, my articles focus on other teams around the...

The Worst Game Ever Played


The way many people view Oregon football today is how it has been portrayed over the last five years. Everything about Oregon is cutting edge, futuristic, and new. The true fans know that this is not Oregon football. While all of the bui... Continue reading →

The Adventures of Captain Comeback


Back before Marcus Mariota, Darron Thomas, and even before Dennis Dixon, Oregon had another famous quarterback or two. Of this lot, only Joey Harrington had Oregon’s interest from birth. Born to former Oregon quarterback John Harrington, Joey’s potential was recognized immediately by his dad’s old head coach Len Casanova. Casanova sent his congratulations to his […]

A Forgotten Hero — Mike Bellotti


When talking about the head coach who started Oregon on its winning ways in the modern age, people often think of Chip Kelly — he is the one who built the program, many would proclaim. While Kelly did certainly have a lot... Continue reading →

Oregon’s Football Recruitment Needs Marcus Mariota to Thrive in the NFL


Oregon quarterbacks do not have the best track record when it comes to production at the NFL level. Since 1999 and prior to Marcus Mariota, Oregon had five quarterbacks taken in the NFL Draft, two of which were 1st-round picks... Continue reading →

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