Jonathan Stewart

Running Styles: Oregon Runners Griffin, Tyner and Freeman


It was 1993 and I was a senior in high school playing running back for the South Salem Saxons.  I wore No. 43 before Darren Sproles made it cool to wear the number. The Ducks running back in 1993, Sean... Continue reading →

Best Ducks in the NFL: Offensive Edition


Throughout the Oregon Ducks’ football history, they have provided some incredible NFL talent. Despite being criticized as a program that “does not prepare players for an NFL offense,” Oregon has produced some incredible NFL players. To prove this, I compiled a starting lineup...

3 Reasons Oregon Ducks Rely on Running Backs in 2015


The college football off-season has seen an immense trove of educated guesses as to how the Oregon Ducks football program will adjust to life without Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Marcus Mariota. Today, we are exactly 1/2 year away from opening kickoff. Never too...

Oregon QB Commit Excels at Elite 11 Camp


A 4-star QB prospect, Seth Green, had already committed to Oregon when he moved and enrolled in Allan High School in Dallas, TX, which is the same high school that 5-star QB prospect Kyler Murray attended. Clearly, Green h... Continue reading →

Oregon Will Win National Football Crown


Mike Merrell’s Three-and-Out Though some firmly deny it and others don’t dare to hope it, it’s just a matter of time. The Oregon Ducks will win a national football championship, more likely sooner than later. But first, a matter that...

It’s Only Been a Year, But Tyner Is on Pace for Something Special


The Oregon football program has an extremely impressive resume when it comes to running backs, especially over the past 10 or 15 years. Among the greats that have come out of the Duck backfield are Maurice Morris, Jonathan Stewart, LeGarrette Blount, LaMichael James and Kenjon Barner. However, there is a new Duck in town who has the potential to be the ...

If You Build It, They Will Come … Right?


The Oregon Ducks’ success in recent years came at such a fast pace, that it hit Duck fans maybe too rapidly and just as hard. Their program went from zero to hero as fast as you can say, “We should have been in every National Championship since 2010 but let it slip in the most painful way to watch.” It ...

The Five Greatest Duck Performances at the NFL Combine


It is the marquee event of NFL Draft process: the NFL Scouting Combine, or the “Underwear Olympics,” to which it has been casually referred, of which four years of college production can become virtually ignored in favor of a limited sample of data collected in the form of physical measurements from arbitrary tasks. So why would college football fans care about this NFL ...

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