Josh Huff

Chip Kelly Update: Rock Bottom or Free Fall?


Last week, after two straight home losses to bad teams in the easiest part of the Eagles schedule, I wrote that Thursday’s game against Detroit would tell us a lot about how much fight Chip Kelly has left in him....

Chip Kelly Update: Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth


Last week the Eagles lost a tight game to a bad Miami squad, 20-19. And Eagles fans and reporters went crazy with despair. This Sunday, the team was blown out by a bad Tampa Bay team featuring a rookie quarterback...

Chip Kelly Update: Not That Good Yet


Philadelphia lost on the road to the Carolina Panthers Sunday. That shouldn’t be such a huge shock. Carolina is undefeated after seven games, with an excellent defense featuring two of the league’s best linebackers (Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis) and...

Chip Kelly Update: Winning Is More Fun


The city of Philadelphia was basically on suicide watch after the loss to Dallas, with the only energy wielded by people forming lynch mobs for Chip Kelly. Much of the pessimism was realistic, too. The Eagles’ offense was easily the... Continue reading →

Chip Kelly Update: Total Offensive Collapse


Things are bad. Really, really bad. The Eagles were somewhat cheered by a stronger second half against the Atlanta Falcons in their Game 1 loss, and hyped up their home showdown against the hated Dallas Cowboys with a cheeky video that... Continue reading →

Chip Kelly Update: A Kick in the Teeth


The Atlanta Falcons had the worst defense in the NFL last year, ending up 6-10 despite boasting one of the league’s best QB-WR tandems in Matt Ryan and Julio Jones. Dan Quinn was the defensive mastermind behind the Seattle Seahawks during&#4... Continue reading →

Chip Kelly Update: The Final Cutdown


After a crazy off-season of frenetic wheeling and dealing, controversies and silly hype, the Eagles season begins, for real, on Monday night during Prime Time. The final preparations are done. The Eagles lost their fourth preseason game, the most ... Continue reading →

Jim Radcliffe: The Man Who Makes Oregon Go


All programs have them and they are often overlooked by the fans. They are the people who transform incoming freshmen into future stars. These unsung heroes are the strength and conditioning coaches, and they are just as important to the... Continue reading →

Pro Ducks to Boost Your Fantasy Roster


Football fans everywhere are rejoicing as the season is in full swing. As Duck fans eagerly await the Oregon season opener, don’t forget to check in on your favorite former Oregon players as they work through the NFL preseason arou... Continue reading →

Chip Kelly Update: Training Camp Madness? Not Really


After the long but quiet summer break, the Eagles opened training camp in humid 90-degree Philadelphia weather. News broke that they traded cornerback Brandon Boykin to the Pittsburgh Steelers for a fifth round pick. (If he plays 60% or more of&#4... Continue reading →

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