Tayberry Jam 2012 Is Alive and Well


This year, despite brief speculation that it would be cancelled, the seventh annual Tayberry Jam will be held from Aug. 3-5, this year, at Saginaw's Cougar Mountain Farm. The general public is invited to attend, and camp under a full moon for the entirety of the festival.

Cougar Mountain Farm, and Its 40 Years of Sustainability


You won't hear much man-made noise at Noah and Anna Wemple's residence; no jackhammers, no rumble of car engines in the distance. But if you know where to look, you may find an arrowhead, or an old button left by a pioneer, or a guitar string from the 1970s.

Hummingbird Wholesale Supplanting Willamette’s Grass Seed Obsession


Every day individuals and groups, entrepreneurs and companies find better ways to reap the goods of the earth without ravaging and crippling it with dysfunctional techniques. One company that continues to set new standards is Hummingbird Wholesale.

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