Father Not Charged After Taking Daughter


EUGENE, Ore. — A Springfield family is thanking the community for helping find a missing toddler, taken by her father nearly two weeks ago. Eugene Police say nearly two weeks ago Andrew Burke took his daughter  Kiera and made suicidal statements. After police put out information asking for help locating the one-year-old child, Burke called … Continue reading »

Fletcher’s For Children to Close


EUGENE, Ore. — After serving the Eugene community for more than 35 years, Fletcher’s for Children is closing it’s doors. The owners say their lease is ending and since the recession, it’s been difficult to keep their small business profitable. At Fletcher’s you can find just about anything a baby or child might need, and … Continue reading »

Aerial Yoga Athletes


Aerial Yoga is a popular new way to get in shape. While using the same kind of fabric as Aerial Silk performers, people who participate in Aerial Yoga learn how to do variations of standard yoga moves, but while dangling in the air!

Hey Mom, where’s my glove?


Recently, on one of the few warm days here, my 12 year old son asked me "Hey Mom, where's my glove?” soon followed by "When's baseball practice start? Are we wearing purple this season?" His enthusiasm about the game and willingness to get outside and play made me start thinking about how other people perceive sports.

Coach Mom


There are many reasons to give sports a go; there are a bounty of benefits, but the main one in my opinion is that sports make for a happier, healthier child – physically, mentally and emotionally

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