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Kevin Prociw Is Ready to Make It A Race.

Kevin Prociw today officially made the mayoral election into a race. Citing what he calls a “deficit in leadership” in the mayor’s office, Prociw says that he not only felt compelled to run, but believes that Eugene is primed for a change.

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As we come into election season...

October 25 – Morning Headlines

Tim Chuey:cold with some frost, Piercy seeks 3rd term, Marcola kidnapping details, Occupy gets exemption, HIV Alliance robbed, death sentence overturned, Springfield kidnapping, Callahan files for GOP Primary, gas $3.79 avg, unemployment 9.6%, EmX open house, Eugene makes angry city list, Cliff Harris suspended again, Duck tennis team eliminated.

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Hoax or not, Carlos Castaneda persists in popularity after 40 yrs.

May 9 – Evening Update

Tim Chuey: more…rain, EWEB plans outage tomorrow, Springfield restaurant donation, suicide kit sales blocked, service animal legislation, Train station cash, age discrimination increases botox use, Castaneda anniversary, high speed rail…

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Callahan responds to Lawsuit

As the gloves come off on both sides, Mark Callahan’s press release identifies use of non-public information as the basis for “libelous” lawsuit.

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early morning somewhere it isn't raining...

April 7 – Morning Headlines

Tim Chuey: rain..maybe hail and thunderstorms, Mayor vs Meyer, Prozanski litter bill dropped, Jackson gets 18 yrs, abortion regulation bill proposed, Blackketter pleads to molestation, vocal auditions today, Oregon Paddle Sports, foreclosure rate still rising…

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