LeBron James

Film Fanatic: Alden Ehrenreich Cast as Young Han Solo, ‘Space Jam 2’ News


Film Fanatic: Alden Ehrenreich Cast as Young Han Solo, Justin Lin to Direct 'Space Jam 2' Starring LeBron James and Russell Crowe in Talks to Play Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

The Pac-12, Not the SEC, Will Be the Conference to Beat This Year


Okay, so I write for an Oregon Ducks sports blog, so what? I’m biased, that much is obvious, but there’s actual evidence that supports the title of this piece. Now that college football has finally moved to a playoff to determine...

8 Reasons Why College Football Is the Greatest Sport of Them All


This is the week that we have all been waiting for. At the end of last season the Ducks summarily ushered Mack Brown out the door with a swift kick in the rear and the parting words “Next time bring a passing game.” Since that night, Oregon fans have been looking forward to the next season to finally get here. Well, ...

College Football Nation: How Do the Gators Do It and Penn State Tweets


  With the NCAA trial all finished up and media days about to begin, the news was a little slow this week. The news in the college football world might be slow but it is never dull. It will really pick up when you put a bunch of coaches and players in front on a microphone for media day. Great news ... Continue reading →

Ducks Hoops Have Heat-Like Versatility


The Oregon Ducks mirror the Miami Heat in many ways, but can also learn from the two-time defending NBA champions.

Cavaliers Show Interest in Trading for LaMarcus Aldridge

LaMarcus Aldridge

In an effort to woo Lebron James back to Cleveland, the Cavaliers have made inquiries into Blazer forward LaMarcus Aldridge. But do the Cavs have enough to offer in return for the All-Star forward?

Overlooking This Season, the Blazers Look to Move Forward


After witnessing the Portland Trail Blazers (33-49) season unravel faster than the ribbon protecting the most gargantuan present under the tree from an impatient child, it’s time to look to the future.

Seattle Can Only Sit and Wonder


Oh how perturbed the city of Seattle’s basketball fans probably feel.  At the same time, the birth in this year’s NBA Finals and the success of the Oklahoma City Thunder as a former franchise in Seattle may not have even happened had the team stayed in the Emerald city. An important aspect to the reality

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