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Blues, Brews and Barbecues in the Whiteaker

The Whiteaker area hosted its second annual “Blues and Brews Celebration” Saturday to benefit the Oregon Support-Living Program.

Non-custodial parents take child, felony warrants out for their arrest

The Longview Police Department and Oregon DHS are searching for Andy Travis, 34, and Cerena Barros, 25, after they took 18-month-old Cash Travis in violation of a court order. Both Cerena and Andy are Cash’s non-custodial parents.

Car drives into bank lobby, pregnant mother and toddler sent to hospital

A Toyota Corolla drove through the lobby of Oregon Community Credit Union on Coburg Road next to Costco just before noon on Saturday.

Who paints a John Deere blue?

Police noticed somebody had painted a signature green John Deere vehicle blue – and discovered truckloads of stolen goods.

Starving 2-year-old pit bull tied to tree saved by woman passing by

She pulled over on Fivemile Road to pour out her granddaughter’s snow cone and there, deep in the brush, tied to a tree with no food or water, was a 2-year-old pit-bull — starving, cold and barely alive.

Teen charged with manslaughter in deadly Lebanon crash

A teenage girl will be tried as an adult after investigators say she attempted suicide by crashing into an oncoming car in April.

Governor declares drought emergency in Lane County

Governor Brown declared a drought emergency in Lane and seven other Oregon counties.

Sheriff: Sutherlin teen missing for a week returns home

The 14-year-old boy who left home more than a week ago has returned home, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

‘Someone has an assault rifle out and he’s pointing it at another guy’

Gerald Strebendt finished shopping at the nearby Safeway at 7:53 p.m. Less than 6 minutes later, the Marine sniper and mixed martial arts fighter shot David Crofut dead.

Former state trooper takes plea deal in child porn case

A former Oregon State Police trooper is facing a maximum of one year in jail and a $6,250 fine after he pleaded guilty last week to lesser charges in a child porn case.

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