Mark Sanchez

Chip Kelly Update: Rock Bottom or Free Fall?


Last week, after two straight home losses to bad teams in the easiest part of the Eagles schedule, I wrote that Thursday’s game against Detroit would tell us a lot about how much fight Chip Kelly has left in him....

Chip Kelly Update: Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth


Last week the Eagles lost a tight game to a bad Miami squad, 20-19. And Eagles fans and reporters went crazy with despair. This Sunday, the team was blown out by a bad Tampa Bay team featuring a rookie quarterback...

Chip Kelly Update: A Great Start


Preseason games mean nothing — we all know that. And yet … the Philadelphia Eagles stomped on the Indianapolis Colts Sunday, and it was hard not to be excited by the way the team played. Even if you ignore the... Continue reading →

Ascending Eagles — Bradford and Tebow


With the NFL preseason around the corner, all of the intrigue that has been building throughout the offseason will finally be seen on the field. One of the most interesting stories coming out of Eagles camp this year has been surrounding..... Continue reading →

Chip Kelly Update: “I’m not governed by the fear.”


The winter and spring are long and barren for a football fan, especially one who follows Chip Kelly. The Eagles coach speaks to the press only at press conferences, and he basically doesn’t have any from the day the team... Continue reading →

Of Chip Kelly’s System and the “Franchise QB” Conundrum


It is well documented that a franchise QB is required in order to win the Super Bowl — at least, that is the common concept. However, this idea has two problems: First — and obvious issue — is that franchise QBs...

Shorts, Passes, and Screens — The New Read Option?


Needless to say, the Philadelphia Eagles have had an interesting offseason. With a flurry of moves that had (and still have) many Eagles fans questioning Chip Kelly‘s sanity, Philadelphia has set themselves up to have the strongest run game in...

Chip Kelly Update: Playing for Pride Now


The Philadelphia Eagles were openly discussed as a Super Bowl contender and ranked in the NFL’s top 4 after thrashing Dallas on Thanksgiving Day. The 9-3 overachievers were led by backup QB Mark Sanchez, an NFL laughingstock since his infamous...

Chip Kelly Update: Forget Seattle, Beat the Cowboys


The Philadelphia Eagles under Chip Kelly keep reaching for the stars. They encourage fans to hope for a Super Bowl run with unselfish teamwork, clever schemes on both sides of the ball, and emerging young talent. Then reality slaps them...

Chip Kelly Update: the Big Showdown Against Seattle


Last week, the Philadelphia Eagles pounded out two big victories in five days. This week, they have some extra days to prepare for Seattle at home, and they are going to need it. This game is big in every way...

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