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A Fan’s Guide to Mental Health


Mike Merrell’s Three-and-Out Mental illness is nothing to be taken lightly but like any other classification of illnesses, there are degrees — and as college football fans we (some more successfully than others) struggle to maintain our mental health through...

New Details About Heeran Center Closure


EUGENE, Ore. — New insight Thursday about why the state suspended the license of a Eugene mental health facility. We’re learning that a recent runaway situation may have been a factor, but that wasn’t the only issue the state had with the Heeran Center. “[It’s] unfortunate and we don’t agree with the state’s decision on … Continue reading »

Rapid Access Center Opens


EUGENE, Ore. — When a person decides to get help with an addiction, experts say timing is crucial. And that’s why a new kind of treatment center officially opened its doors Thursday in Eugene. It’s called the Rapid Access Center and Medical Clinic. The idea is someone with a substance abuse or mental health problem … Continue reading »

Victim Details Apparent Pick Ax Attack


SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A day after a man allegedly attacked two women with a pick ax in Springfield — the victims and the mother of the suspect are speaking out. One of the victims describes Tuesday’s attack as brutal and insane as the suspect repeatedly swung at them with a pick ax. “He would’ve caught … Continue reading »

Mental Health Services Expanding


EUGENE, Ore. — Lane County Public Health is getting ready to expand its mental health services and a multi-million dollar grant is helping bring new programs to the county’s behavioral health program. This $2.4 million dollars will be split into six different areas, all working toward early intervention to help those suffering from mental illness. … Continue reading »

Get fit with 5k ‘Run with the Duck’ at Hayward Field


A solution has finally arrived for University of Oregon students struggling to stay active in the brisk fall season. Healthy Oregon, an initiative program on campus supporting a healthy lifestyle, is hosting their fifth 5k race: Run with the Duck. On Nov. 9 at 9 a.m., students, faculty and staff members can all join The […]

Christopher Dorner and the Monsters in Our Heads


Trying to understand what happens to people like Christopher Dorner seems more effective in preventing future acts of violence than just saying, "Another crazy monster!" and moving on to the next action-packed news phenomenon. Dorner was not the new Batman, neither was he the new Joker. He was a human being who made the wrong decision based on being wronged.

From Ativan to Acupuncture: Mental Health Alternatives


The subject of mental health sparks a plethora of emotions and arguments among advocates, patients, family members, and providers. The history of mental health treatment itself is a controversial one, dating back to ancient times when early humans would chip into afflicted individuals' skulls using crude stone instruments, in order to release evil spirits.

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