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1 climber dies, rescuers reach others on Oregon peak

GOVERNMENT CAMP (AP) — Rescuers reached more than a half-dozen climbers stranded by tumbling rocks and falling ice on Oregon’s tallest peak before expected heavy snow makes conditions even more treacherous. One climber fell to his death earlier Tuesday…

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Tuesday weather: Sunny and 51, but rain expected later

Forecasters expect Tuesday to be sunny throughout the mid-valley, with highs around 51. But rain is expected later Tuesday night and Wednesday, with lows Tuesday in the mid-30s and highs Wednesday in the mid-40s.

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Warm weather not boding well for snowpack

The mid-valley basked in nearly 60-degree weather for most of last week with only a touch of precipitation. Baby lambs are getting fat and the grass seed fields are bright green, but the leisurely weather may bear an unpleasant aftereffect come summer …

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Monday weather: Morning fog, then sun and highs around 47

Forecasters expect mostly sunny skies throughout the mid-valley on Monday, at least after patches of morning freezing fog burn off. Highs Monday will be around 47. Freezing fog is expected Monday night, as temperatures dip to the lower 20s. More sunshi…

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Weekend weather: Sunny Saturday, but showers Sunday

It’s a split decision for the weekend, forecasters say: Saturday should be mostly sunny throughout the mid-valley, with highs around 52. But clouds will begin rolling in on Saturday night, with temperatures falling to around 32, and showers are likely …

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Thursday weather: Patches of morning fog, then mostly cloudy

Expect patches of morning fog throughout the mid-valley on Thursday, forecasters say, and mostly cloudy skies after that. Highs Thursday will be around 57. Mostly cloudy tonight, with lows around 40. Partly sunny on Friday, with highs in the lower 50s. 

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Tuesday weather: Morning fog, then partly sunny skies

After the morning fog clears off, forecasters expect partly sunny skies throughout the mid-valley on Tuesday, with highs in the mid-50s. Patches of fog should reappear Tuesday night, with lows dipping into the mid-30s.

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Monday weather: Patchy morning fog, then sunny

Here’s a pattern to get used to for this week’s weather: Forecasters say to expect patchy fog in the morning, but when that clears, we’ll be seeing sunny skies. Monday’s forecast follows that formula; Patchy fog, then sun, with highs in the mid-50s. Mo…

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Me On TV
One Of My Weathercasts In Eugene | Photo by Tim Chuey

I Had To Decide “Weather OR Not” For My Future.

I was asked: When did I get interested in weather and what is it that draws me to it? I’ll give you the low down on how my journey around the country forecasting the weather got started.

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