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Mark Helfrich: Lost Along the Oregon Trail

Mark Helfrich and Oregon football 2016: So much written, so much argued, so much uncertainty. Amidst the turmoil, one thing is clear: The program now stands at a critical crossroads and turns taken here … or not taken … will…

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About Vernon Adams, the Obscure, the Melancholy, and the “Feel-Good”

I’ll be honest. I didn’t know what to write about this week. I considered several times writing to Charles Fischer and the editors and letting them know I was out of ideas, out of articles, I could write no more,…

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Former Oregon Coach Mike Bellotti Inductee For Oregon Sports Hall Of Fame

It was announced on Tuesday that former Oregon Ducks Head Coach Mike Bellotti will be inducted into the Oregon Sports Hall of Fame as part of the 2015 Class next month. He was with the University of Oregon as Offensive Coordinator from 1989 to 1994 and… Continue reading

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The Other Shoe

Others Receiving Votes: Toledo (68), Oregon (64) It was following a game against Utah in 2009 that the Ducks last found themselves voted off the AP Top 25 island, so it is only fitting that a game against Utah, mark… Continue reading

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The Adventures of Captain Comeback

Back before Marcus Mariota, Darron Thomas, and even before Dennis Dixon, Oregon had another famous quarterback or two. Of this lot, only Joey Harrington had Oregon’s interest from birth. Born to former Oregon quarterback John Harrington, Joey’s potential was recognized immediately by his dad’s old head coach Len Casanova. Casanova sent his congratulations to his […]

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Unreasonable, Unrealistic? Or are Duck Fans’ Expectations the New Normal?

When did it happen? When was it that we stopped hoping to win and started expecting to win? Was it the pick in ’94? Nah, too early. Was it our #2 ranking after 2001? Nope, but we’re getting closer. Expecting… Continue reading

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A Forgotten Hero — Mike Bellotti

When talking about the head coach who started Oregon on its winning ways in the modern age, people often think of Chip Kelly — he is the one who built the program, many would proclaim. While Kelly did certainly have a lot… Continue reading

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Don Pellum: College Football’s Best-Dressed Genius

In my last article I discussed all that Gary Campbell has done for the Oregon Duck program and his impressive collection of game-day suits. Even though his collection of suits is impressive, he may not even be the best dressed coach… Continue reading

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Oregon’s Steps to Football Excellence

Make no mistake, Oregon football has been making great strides. In the past 20 years, Oregon’s football program has risen from an unsurprising loser to a perpetual championship contender and truly one of the nation’s elite programs. All of … Continue reading

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Former Player Interview: Jordan Kent (2005-2006)

When Luke Jackson, a 6’7″ basketball superstar spies you from a distance while playing a game of pickup basketball and tells you to try out for the basketball team, you do it. However, when Luke Jackson spies you from a… Continue reading

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