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Film: Found Footage Festival comes to Eugene


The New York-based Found Footage Festival comes to Eugene tonight at 8 p.m. at the Bijou Theater, where a series of mostly unknown videos featuring strange and funny real-life characters will be played for the enjoyment of film-lovers. Featured videos must abide by two simple rules: they must be on a physical format (no YouTube, [...]

10 More Horror Films To Watch This Halloween


Yesterday I recommended 10 great horror films, but there are many more than that. So here are 10-more movies that will make you scream, laugh, cry, or just have a fun evening.

10 Horror Films To Watch This Halloween


Whether you watch them to be scared, for laughs, or for a wave of spooky nostalgia, scary movies are an essential part of the Halloween experience. I've compiled a list of 10 great horror films for people to discover or re-discover.

Where Did the Year Go…


Greetings EDN readers. I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and didn't party too hard on New Years Eve. The end of years is always a little strange to me. In one instant, it's an entirely new year and for a few seconds I feel a little different, like time has reset itself and I'm starting over again. But after a moment everything goes back to normal and I realize it's just another day except with a new year attached to it. But it does help to start with the Ducks winning the Rose Bowl.

Local Cinema Watch


Hello local cinephiles. With Christmas coming on Sunday it's a predictably light week for new movies. But that doesn't mean there's nothing new opening this week. The Bijou has one new film debuting and it's about the end of the world. Kind of depressing for the holidays but if that doesn't interest you, they're also holding a special two-night screening of It's a Wonderful Life. Now that's more like it.

Local Cinema Watch


Six new films open at your local cinemas this week:three at the Bijou and three at David Minor. As usual, the Bijou's new selection is uncommercial with two documentaries and a very unusual Christmas movie debuting. David Minor is more mainstream with two summer blockbusters and a romantic comedy opening.

Where Did the Week Go…


Besides putting up lights, the beginning of December is also the time to watch Christmas movies. It's weird how one month in the year is the only appropriate time period to watch a certain type of movie.

Local Cinema Watch


One new drama about family (both on and offscreen) debuts at the Bijou this week, and two new films open at David Minor: a stoner comedy involving pizza, explosives and drug dealers, and another film about a well-intentioned idiot.

Local Cinema Watch


A new slate of films open this Friday at the Bijou: a well-reviewed documentary, a film featuring the biggest cast ever,and the return of a popular film from a familiar director. In addition to a new set of films debuting, the Bijou will also be hosting a one-night event on Friday showcasing an old horror classic with a new interpretation on the sound of the film by a local band.

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