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Temporary Mural Going Up At The Cannery

EUGENE, Ore. — A new temporary mural will be going up on the side of the Cannery in downtown Eugene. Restaurant owners and a local artist designed a set of panels where artists will be able to hang their large paintings. They’ll display each mural for a few months before replacing it with another artists’ … Continue reading »

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Students Create Mural of Bottle Caps

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A Springfield Elementary School is showing off its new mural, and it took them nearly a year to round up the supplies. A group of fourth and fifth graders at Guy Lee Elementary, called the Green Team, collected 15,000 bottle caps to create a mural. The coral reef themed piece consists of … Continue reading »

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Graffiti – A Photo Essay

What is the answer to graffiti? I don’t think there is one to be honest. There are boards to legally paint on by Skinners Butte. I stopped by and found a young man getting ready to “paint” but when he saw me, he started to pack his bag. I told him it was okay, he didn’t have to leave. This was his territory not mine. He declined to speak with me.

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Nancy Golden secures another award for excellence.

April 10 – Morning Headlines

Tim Chuey: 50/50 today, firefighter settlement, Veneta shooting, Veneta fire, custodial theft, mural vote, emissions testing, Golden award, union tally, gas prices, stuck firetruck, UO Urban Farm, Ducks beat SanFran, Pappas Pac12 POTW, Cunningham declares…

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