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Preview: The Stagger & Sway


These guys, led by singer songwriter Mike Last, have been quietly making their mark on the air waves and local clubs for the last couple of years. Mike once told me that he’d been playing his own songs in his living for years until finally, his friends persuaded him to put together a band and start playing shows. It wasn’t long after that conversation that I saw my first Stagger & Sway show and I’ve tried to catch them as often as possible ever since.

Review: Drive By Truckers at the McDonald


Drive By Truckers tend to stir my emotions at a deep level, sometimes turning me on and just as often, pissing me off. These are southern boys, and one girl, Shonna Tucker, the bass player who was hot. The concert was a mix of their older tunes that are more rock and their newest album, Go Go Boots, that some reviewers call country/soul, whatever that is.

Confucius Would Never Pay a Cover


Regardless of if you go to play music or to listen, your bank account will thank you!

Cirque de la Symphonie, Why it was Worth Going


The rich combination of aesthetic beauty interwoven with musical compositions held attendees in a trance long after the performance was over.

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