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Saturday Night on the Town


If you ended up staying home last night...TOO BAD for you!  There was some pretty incredible music last night to check out.  Fortunately my shopping spree went over well in that I found some nice cashmere to keep me warm; am still on the prowl for some comfy boots.  But alas, what is a girl to do? I think today is the day to head out and pick out my pumpkin day... gotta take advantage of the dry weather!

Friday Night on the Town

stephanie schneiderman photo courtsey of Stephanie Schneiderman FB page

Since it's the last Friday of September, what better way to start tonight off than at the Wandering Goat for the Last Friday Art Walk.  The art of Jeff Mason goes on display tonight as he's the new house artist for October. The evening kicks off around 6pm.

Greenlander: Flash in the Pan?


The bonds of friendship made in high school typically serve their immediate emotional purpose and generally tend to fade after graduation.   Sometimes those bonds never fade. Yet in 2004, four sophomore friends in a band class at Cottage Grove High School started jamming one day and slowly began to sow the seeds of longevity into their future.



This Eugene-based groove funk band has been in the spotlight for a number of years as local favorites. Dubious were finalists with the 2009 KNRQ Last Band Standing competition, with their song Aileen Aileen, which also appears on the 2010 Next Big Thing Music Compilation CD

Standing Room Only for J.C. Rico Memorial

Photo by Anthony Proveaux

On Sunday, September 18th, 2011, it was standing room only for the celebration of life memorial for Joseph Charles Rico, aka JC Rico. Rico passed away in his sleep on September 4th, 2011 from heart failure.

Night on the Town


Waking up in an unfamiliar place must be a lot like reincarnation... if you believe in that kinda stuff. Trying to get your bearings... desperately searching out anything remotely familiar in sight, sound or touch. Anything that will help explain how it is you are where you are when you wake up.

Crooked River


Crooked River Roots Folk Country Rob Jacobs – guitar, vocals Teri Jacobs – guitar, vocals, harmonica Lana Dishner – guitar, vocals Lane Fricke  – washtub Bass Label: Crooked River Crooked River is a quartet from Springfield, OR that formed several years ago with members who all share a love of traditional country music. Fricke is

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